Why was my Business Hour post not published?

Not sure if your post was published? Let's troubleshoot that...

Business Hour is for members who advertise on our website - you must either have a current listing in the Directory or have done some other advertising with us in the last six months.

Search for it

If you're not sure if it was approved, we suggest you search for it:

  • Use the Search function (magnifying glass)
  • Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner, click Your Content - this will display all the posts you have posted in the group.

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I got a notification that my Business Hour post was rejected

There are possibly two reasons for this:

  • We searched your company name in our system, and your business name did not come up
    • Did you spell it incorrectly?
    • Do you have an active listing in the Directory?
  • There was no company name listed in the post. Please ensure you include the name of your company in the post! This is important so our members know who you are, and also so our busy moderators can find you in our system to approve.

I submitted a post but it didn't publish

We have heard of a few occasions when Business Hour posts are removed by the Facebook AI before it is even submitted to our moderators for approval.

This seems to be when posts are automatically flagged as 'selling posts' by Facebook, which means they don't come through to the admin team to approve and are never published. It's a glitch with Facebook, and something that we have no control over. 

If you notice that your post is submitted as a sales post, it is best to delete it and start again. It might help to not include the word 'sale' or the $ or # in the post.