How do I share my Job Board listing in the Facebook group?

Simply head to our Facebook group, click post and share the link with a little blurb!

All businesses who list a job role in the North Shore Mums Job Board, are allowed to promote this listing in the North Shore Mums Facebook group. 

How do I share the listing?

  1. Go to the North Shore Mums Facebook group
  2. In the 'What's on your mind?' box, enter
    1. A short description of the role
    2. The link to the listing in the North Shore Mums Job Board
  3. Click 'post'


How do I join the Facebook group?

If you’re a local mum, click here to join the Facebook group

To ensure your request is approved quickly, please:

  • Answer the membership questions
  • Accept the group rules
  • Ensure your privacy settings are lowered so we can check you are a real person.

We have strict entry requirements to ensure our online community remains a safe environment for our members.

Sharing the Job Board listing if you're NOT a North Shore Mum:

If you’re not a North Shore Mum, you're welcome to get someone else to post the role on your behalf. Simply provide them with the words (including contact details & links) and one image.

This person could be:

  • Colleague
  • Employee
  • Partner
  • Wife
  • Sister
  • Friend
  • Customer

Can I join your Facebook group from my Business Page?

Unfortunately not. Only personal profiles are able to join our Facebook group (not business pages). Business Hour posts will come from your personal profile, not your business page.