What's the difference between your Facebook group and Facebook page?

Our Facebook group is our online community where local mums can ask questions. Our Facebook page posts events, things to do, parenting articles, announcements and popular questions.

North Shore Mums Facebook group

North Shore Mums Facebook group

Our Facebook group is an online community (or 'forum') where members can ask questions or discuss local or parenting issues - they might want advice, recommendations, support or assurance, or they might just want to discuss something that's happening in their life or the world.

Who can join the Facebook group?

People must first request to join the group and be approved by a moderator. If they have a limited profile (and we can't be assured they're a "real person"), if they've only recently joined Facebook or if they don't answer all three membership questions, they will be declined.

We need to know that all people joining our Facebook group are real humans, and live, work or play on Sydney's North Shore.

How is the group moderated?

We have a team of local mums who approve all posts. Posts that do not adhere to our Group Guidelines will not be approved.

Once posts are approved, all posts are moderated to ensure the discussion is respectful and stays on track.

Of course, our moderators cannot be online 24-7, as we all have families and responsibilities too - so members of the group are encouraged to report posts to group admins if they require attention. This way, the whole team gets a notification, and we can review ASAP. 

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Is the group private?

Yes, North Shore Mums is classified as a Private group - which means "only members can see who's in the group and what they post."

However, we have around 37,000 members (as at January 2022) - who could be anyone - friends, neighbours, teachers, business owners... so, as with the case of any social media, be mindful of what you are posting.

If you have a private issue that you need help with and don't want people you know, you can submit the post anonymously. But please note, it must be a sensitive issue where it is made clear why you don't want others knowing who you are. 

North Shore Mums Facebook page

North Shore Mums Facebook page

Our Facebook page posts local news, things to do with kids, events, special offers and announcements, memes & popular questions. 

The posts are created by our website team (not members of the public) - but anyone can choose to "like" or "follow" the page - and anyone can comment, like or share the posts. So, if you engage with posts on our page, these comments can be seen by anyone. Sometimes Facebook will choose to show the posts in the newsfeed, so they can be seen by people who aren't members of the private group.

How to tell if the post can be viewed or shared publicly

All posts that are "public" (are therefore are on our PAGE not GROUP) will have a small globe next to them. 

Public Page Globe